How to download and install iOS 14 Beta to your iPhone

 How to download and install iOS 14 Beta to your iPhone

iOS 14 comes later this year with new features which require input from third-party developers. As such, the company releases betas for developers, so that software engineers can start making great software for you.

First featured at WWDC, iOS 14 comes with substantial visual improvements. Finally, iPhone users can customise the home screen on iOS 14. Widgets are now mobile, and an App Library is available that aims to remove clutter from the home screen of the iPhone. In some iPhone apps, iOS 14 comes with privacy features, and changes.

If you have any of the devices mentioned above, you can instal the public beta for iOS 14, and here’s how to do it. Make sure that all your relevant data are backed up before that.

1. Go to Apple’s website for the Beta Software programme.

2. Click the button to sign up, and enter your Apple ID.

3. Pick iOS from the list of beta-programs eligible.

4. Tap Profile Update, and follow the prompts.

5. You will need to restart your iPhone once that’s over.

6. Go to Settings > General > Software Update, after restarting your iPhone.

7. When downloaded, instal beta update.

If the software update is activated your iPhone will be upgraded to iOS 14 beta. Since this is a beta version of iOS 14, bugs can occur, and certain applications or features may not work. Apple will also announce updates for iOS 14 beta, so make sure you instal those updates too.

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