Shop for Indian Craft at Pipili

 Shop for Indian Craft at Pipili

Odiya Art Shop at Pipli. Don’t Leave Without It: Do not leave without buying the exquisite Oriya art work- applique art while you are in Odisha. Explore the village of Pipli, just some 26 kilometres from Bhubaneshwar. Every village family is involved in the specific craft. The pockets, the covers for cushions and the umbrellas are just perfect.

There are several shops selling Applique work items on the main road at Pipili, tourists visiting Puri purchasing those items from Pipili. It is renowned for its appliquée craft in Odisha as well as in India. Each and every village family engaged in this appliqué craft. Most village people rely on this appliquée craft for their day-to-day lives. Application, a French word, is a technique that adds different cutting pieces of coloured fabrics to the surface of another foundation fabric. Pipili’s appliqué works are also known as patching cloth design and this art is known as ‘Chandua’ in the local language.

With the touch of a little modernity, besides being used in religious use, garments of varied styles are often rendered with this. Ladies products such as frock, blouse, purse, handbags and so on are in high demand among visitors. Larger-sized screens with applique touch are often made that represent the various charecters of religious myth for interior design or house decoration.

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