Markets in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneshwar ‘s markets and shopping centres have a variety of stores selling handcrafted pieces and Odisha ‘s traditional weaved cloth. The most famous fabric that is sold in the Bhubaneshwar markets is Tussar silk. Apart from this, Sambalpuri silk and cotton are also available in abundance. These markets are also known for the sale of Lords idols and sculptures. The fabrics and paintings of the Ikat are among other masterpieces available in the markets of Bhubaneshwar Buzz. Some shopping spots are owned by the state, while others are owned by private owners. Many hand made decorative pieces such as mirrors, purses, utensils for jewellery boxes and much more are sold here. The paintings created on the Palm leaf and also seen on the markets of Bhubaneshwar are Patachitra paintings.

Decorative items such as mirrors, table tops, purses, jewellery boxes and so on are offered. In the Bhubaneswar market, some famous paintings are displayed such as Patachitra paintings, which are produced on palm leaf.

Shahid Nagar Market:

There are many computer and smartphone shops and artisanal stores in this sector. Good quality computer equipment is available at very fair prices here. You can also get the latest mobile phones with accessories here.Bangles and handcrafted beaded necklaces with different designs and colours and style are sold here in abundance. The handicraft products that one can get from this marketplace include god statues with beautiful carving.

Bapuji Nagar:

This industry is renowned because all the new computer equipment is available here. Shops are found in this sector, selling branded jewellery, watches and furniture shops. On this market the selection of dresses is unique and exceptional from other Bhubaneshwar markets. The market has all the product categories from electronics to vintage products from clothes and jewellery to. Among the must-visit places in Bhubaneshwar are the vibrant shops bearing the history of Odisha.

Unit 2 & 3 Market:

The Unit 2 and 3 shops market sell all the product range. Garments such as Sarees, gift pieces from Salwar kurtas etc are all available in this market. The prices of all the goods are decent. At the jewellery shops in Unit 2 and 3, the intricate jewellery is very popular.

Ashok Nagar:

For sales the branded shoes available, this market is common.

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