Puri beach, India’s best seaside beach

 Puri beach, India’s best seaside beach

Puri beach is renowned among India’s most popular beaches for its roaring Bay of Bengal waves and fine white sands. Every year the beach is visited in large numbers by flocks of devotees as well as holidaymakers. Lord Jagannath devotees claim that taking a dip here in the sea is like giving homage to the Lord. A paradise for beach lovers, Puri Beach gives the adventurous souls plenty of chances to test the sea waves.The beach is also an perfect place to schedule a honeymoon in India. Numerous pilgrims are luring to various temples near the beach. Holidaymakers can also make their holidays fun by at the beach trying out water sports activities. To sum up, there is something Puri Beach has for everyone.

Activities to do at the Puri Beach

  • The beach becomes the location for the annual Puri Beach festival in November, drawing enthusiasts from both domestic and international beaches.
  • Puri beach is famous for providing unforgettable views of sunrise and sunset.
  • The beach shores have eating stalls, restaurants , and shops that sell marvelous memorabilia. So, shopping at the beach is fun too.
  • The beach’s eastern end is relatively quiet, and is perfect for relaxation.
  • See local fishermen wearing straw hats and dhotis labelled with them.
    Take a walk and soak-in the serenity.
  • You may also go to a fishing village, and communicate with local people.
  • Participate in events in water sports such as boat trip, angling, swimming etc.

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