Redefining the Fine Art of Silver Filigree

 Redefining the Fine Art of Silver Filigree

For those who are aware of the art form, the mention of silver filigree jewellery would, at once, remind you of delicate and intricate designs created with silver wires. Filigree is a centuries-old art of crafting metal jewellery – specifically silver and gold.

Mid 16th to the mid 17th century is when the art was flourishing. The art form developed by inheriting essential elements from the Mughal period and the artisans of Odisha added new elements. In India, today the art of filigree is practised in Cuttack (Orissa) and Karimnagar (Telangana).

As we speak, this ancient art form is battling for its survival in the hands of a few craftsmen families in Cuttack, Odisha. The number of families creating this art is decreasing with time, and why not? They have their reasons!!! The art has been surviving through the existing reach and relationships of these artists and few merchants. Strictly speaking their reach is very limited.

Clearly, the industry’s inability to create new designs that resonate with the younger generation is becoming a key obstacle in getting its lost glory back. The old and traditional designs are not appealing to the Gen Z ladies.

Silver Linings was founded by three individuals from Odisha in the year 2016. At the core of this partnership was a deep love for Cuttack made Silver Filigree (popularly known as Tarakasi), and a shared desire to do something for the fine art from Cuttack and give back to the State.

Silver Linings is an Online Platform ( that focuses on saving the fine art of Silver Filigree and creating awareness of this forgotten art form.

Silver Linings is working towards changing the image of filigree from being a piece of jewelry in a grand mother’s trunk to a must have piece in a young college going girl’s jewelry box.

How did Silver Linings bring about this paradigm shift?

Silver Linings has partnered with your promising designers from NIFT and co created new designs that are appealing to today’s woman.

Silver Linings works closely with artisans to make the jewelry light and hassle free for the modern office going woman.

Silver Linings has come up with new product lines that were never made in filigree. Some worthy mentions are nose pins, nazarbattu, trendy single leg anklets, toe rings, rakhi, baby anklets and chic bracelets and pendants. Silver Linings has also created its mystique collection by bring the semi precious stones of Hyderabad and the Silver Filigree of Cuttack together for the first time, and the result is an elegant range of necklaces, earrings and bracelets.


The future of filigree looks bright with the art slowly emerging out of the grand mother’s trunk into the jewellery box of today’s woman! The art of filigree is for sure redefining itself, and is here to stay.

To know more about Silver Linings, check out their work.

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