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Redefining the Fine Art of Silver Filigree

For those who are aware of the art form, the mention of silver filigree jewellery would, at once, remind you of delicate and intricate designs created with silver wires. Filigree is a centuries-old art of crafting metal jewellery – specifically silver and gold. Mid 16th to the mid 17th century is when the art was flourishing. The art form developed by […]Read More

Sambalpuri Sarees: Handloom’s Finest From Odisha

The Sambalpuri saree is a type of traditional garment from the state of Odisha or Orissa that has been woven for many years in towns such as Sonepur, and Balgarh, and regions such as the district of Boudh and Balangir. Sambalpuri sarees are traditional, hand-woven Ikat saris, characterized by their special way of making the […]Read More